Wine tasting

The Podere San Cristoforo is blessed by the constant presence of sea breezes that keep the grapes on the vine healthy and mitigate the high summer temperatures. The “wind” is fundamental to the full ripening of the grapes and the integrity of their aromatic essences. The earth, characterized by medium sized deposits carried by the wind from the crumbling, mineral-rich hills of Gavorrano that also have a significant clay component.

The property stretches over 45 hectares (over111 acres) of which some 15 hectares are planted with vines, 2 with olives and 20 with cereal crops and sunflowers.

The varietals grown are Sangiovese (10 hectares), Petit Verdot (2 hectares) Syrah, (1 hectare) and Vermentino and Trebbiano (2 hectares).

Our wine-growing philosophy
Painstaking viticulture is our basic creed, with low yields, little technology and a great deal of manual labour. That entails managing the soil and the leaves so that the fruit is exposed to both light and wind, selecting sites, controlling the density of the vines, the selection of clones, caring for the grapes and choosing not to filter the wine. This then is what makes the Podere San Cristofero’s wine. Producing excellent wine using little technology means that to get the quality of the primary material, the vines must be better than ever in order to give us a wine whose provenance is recognisable from the first sip. It might not be as reliable or consistent as it used to be, but it undoubtedly has more character.

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