Sustainable Holiday

Our compact little B&B helps make the world a cleaner and greener place. Here we offer a little guidance on how you can help us preserve the environment.

Our building meets essential guidelines for energy saving and our renovations have taken special care to create the most “passive” possible structure, with the minimum of energy waste and consumption.
We’ve installed an 8 cm layer of wall-jacket insulation and a full 20 cm in the roof structure, also choosing windows and doors that guarantee low thermal dispersion.

This creates a “container” with very little loss, and we’ve chosen renewable energy sources to supply the structure:

  • Solar heating for the hot water supply
  • Photovoltaic solar power for the electrical supply
  • Rainwater collectors for irrigation and toilet supply

Solar water heating provides a CO2 saving of roughly – 3.5 tons/year
Solar power generating provides a CO2 saving of roughly – 2.5 tons/year
Total CO2 reduction is about 6 tons/year

These are already excellent results, and you can help protect the environment by adding a few steps:

  • Use water carefully and avoid waste;
  • Use the air conditioning only as necessary;
  • Remember to turn off the lights;
  • Make good use of the towels – remember that laundering uses large amounts of water. Leave them on the floor when they need washing, otherwise we’ll know that they’re still serving well! This practice saves 10 litres of water for every unnecessary change of the towel set.